Hey, I'm Matteo 👋 Entrepreneur — Computer Engineer — Designer

I bootstrap companies and products with lean mental models, kaizen, sales hacks, and fun.


Nov 2023

I finished writing my book titles The Chameleon Founder, which contains everything I learnt about building and crashing companies, and leading teams over the past 10 years.

Oct 2023

I launched a venture studio called KMLN.io with the aim of building and marketing internal SaaS products. The project is supported by Leva.

Aug 2023

I sold Sparkwave after a crazy ride that taught me a lot about TAM, competition, team leadership, and fundraising.

August 2023

I'm back at Leva as CEO, with a scale-up project that is aimed to bring the company's annual revenue from €1M to €3M in over the next years.

Jan 2023

I joined the Outlier Ventures acceleration program with Sparkwave, and raised $100k

May 2022

Superbuild got acquired by Zeroqode. I'm now full-time committed to Sparkwave.

Feb 2022

I launched Sparkwave, a crypto referral marketing tool that helps web3 founders grow their projects with the help of their fans

Jan 2021

I launched Superbuild, a marketplace where I sell no-code courses (I made $30k in 9 months and built a private community of 750+ no-code founders)

Oct 2020

I built and launched Heyhi.io and found my first customers (then I sold it to a US company for $20k after two months).

Sept 2020

After closing a $1.44M contract with one of our biggest clients I stepped back as CEO of Leva and started my journey as an indie hacker/solo founder.

Apr 2020

I joined Nugget, a great bootcamp for indie founders where I learnt how to come up with strong product ideas and how to validate them. It's led by Justin Vincent, the best mentor I’ve ever had.


After graduating as a computer engineer, I started my first company Leva.io. In five years we bootstrapped to $1M/year in revenue starting from zero.

My articles

The Ultimate Copywriting Guide

May 2022

Web3 Community Engagement Strategies (with examples)

April 2022

110+ actionable tasks I did to get from 0 to $19k in 6 months

November 2021

Why I step back as CEO of Leva.io after closing a $1.47M contract

September 2020

Business and projects

Leva [💰 8-figure/year]

Mechatronics and engineering company that builds interactive exhibits for trade-shows and expo pavilions.


The web3-native loyalty platform to acquire and retain more users

Superbuild [✅ Acquired]

Learn to build apps and websites.‍ No code required.

Heyhi [✅ Acquired]

Instantly get face-to-face with your website's visitors


Get access to 130+ hand-picked pain points with 350+ associated business ideas, and connect with early adopters.


Pitch your business idea in 30 seconds or fewer, or view other pitches.


This is your new beautiful interface to manage and keep track of your Twitter direct messages.


Learn how to launch online products by following the daily actions and decisions of successful CEOs


Enable your customers to record their screen from their browser when they experience a bug or issue.


Bet on your favourite BitClout influencers and win diamonds


Purchase high-tech devices with confidence by watching video reviews and live chat with tech experts.


The sales tool that automatically generate leads and sells your side projects

Matteo Mosca

Entrepreneur — Computer Engineer — Designer